Infinity: Battlescape

What Is It?

Infinity: Battlescape is an epic space war game waged in massive ship vs ship battles around Rethe Prime and its moons. You can get into spectacular battles within minutes of downloading this game.

Where Can I Buy Infinity: Battlescape?

You can buy the game from Steam or I-Novae Studios.

What’s the General Gameplay?

There are two opposing factions fighting for domination of the Rethe Prime system. Each war is composed of a series of strategic ship vs ship battles. No grind is required to take part and credits you earn will enable you to launch chunkier ships for some outrageous damage.

What Does it Look Like?

The official Steam trailer is an accurate example of the kind of thing you will get in-game right now:

Infinity: Battlescape Gallery

Here are a few screenshots from the game… you will inevitably want to make your own as you get acquainted with the ships, weapons and landscapes.